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I'm working on a solution to replace the <prismic-image /> tag by a custom component using Imgix's Vue library.

Anyway, as I was replacing those tags, I came across not one but three domains where the images stored in Prismic were coming from, that's:

  • <repo-name><repo-name>

I first tried to retrieve all images from one unique domain: "" but some SVG don't exist at this address.

-> What are the images (SVG included) that each URL above can serve? And what are their purpose?

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Hi Thomas,

Welcome to the community!

Sorry about the delayed response. So SVG's were a security venerability so we removed them from the imgix CDN and the were moved to the amazon server to be served as a document. They are the only image format served like this.

Originally on the Amazon server they weren't run through the CDN. They should be now, so if you have some older images not coming through the CDN try removing and re-adding them to make sure they're delivered form the correct doman.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi @Phil,

Thanks for your answer.

So what's the domain that all images (SVGs & others) should be coming from now? Is it


  • All images, except for SVG's, should be coming from

  • SVG's should be coming from <repo-name><repo-name>
    (if they are coming from<repo-name> then remove and re-add them to deliver them from<repo-name><repo-name>)

Thanks @Phil for your answer!

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