Image Handling through external CDN

Hi there,

My Company has just started using Prismic as our new CMS. We're currently using WordPress for all our marketing pages and would like to migrate those pages into Prismic. We're looking utilize our Cloudinary CDN that we already have, but we'd like for this to be a relatively simple process for our non-technical folks so that authorship is still seamless. Are there any sort of integrations that would allow our marketing team to upload their own images to our Cloudinary CDN while keeping Prismic's authoring experience?


Hey Nathan, welcome to the forum!

Prismic already works with its own CDN, so actually, you don't need to use another one.

You can use your CDN in front or Prismic. However, hosting your images outside of Prismic takes out the possibility of using both the Imgix integration and the Image editor.

Adding another CDN to build your website is not what we recommend because it is a possible source of errors in your future development processes.

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