CDN Data Usage - How to reduce

Is there a way of seeing more information about my CDN usage? I've just put a new website live for a client, which is both image and video heavy. I'm assuming the embedded video they use is the root cause (so moving this to somewhere like Vimeo would help) but without the data to back that up, I'm flying blind.

Can anyone at Prismic help?

Hello @thejuniperstudio, we can do this check for you.
Could you send me the details of your use case so we can provide you with this information?

  • the URL of your repository
  • The media files' URL

Hi @Paulina
The repo is

I don't think it's one specific file I think it's many, I just want to check if it's video or images which are causing most of the CDN usage.

Hey @thejuniperstudio, thanks for sending over your repo. I've sent your request to the DevOps team. I'll return as soon as I have news from them.

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Hello @thejuniperstudio, I've sent you a file with this info in a private message, let me know if you have any questions.

The conversation for this use case has continued in a direct message.