High CDN usage on repo

Hey there ,

We have been observing high cdn usage recently over 50-80GB/day and looking to understand what could be the possible cause . Can your devops team lookinto this and let me know plz ?


Prismic offers CDN soft limits based on your repository's plan level.

You can also see your monthly CDN consumption in your Usage Dashboard in the Settings tab of your repo.

Since these are soft limits, if you go beyond your CDN allocation, we do not interrupt the service but charge you for every extra GB consumed.

You can provide us with the URL of your repository and a Timestamp to send you a list of usage details.


Hey , here is the repo url : https://freebird.prismic.io/
Our current plan includes 100GB and if you check , we are over 4 times in usage . So i would like to find out the assets/entities which is consuming our max cdn usage so that we can plan accordingly ?

Thanks, Can you also provide us with a date timestamp that we can use to filter the usage?

Hey , it's Oct 30th where we received this info from Prismic

I've sent the request to the team. I'll send it back to you as soon as I have it.

Hey @web7, here's the file with the top URLs from
90b71aeb-d5d4-4064-a5c5-7216621a1f8a.csv.zip (1.5 KB)
30th oct