CDN bandwith usage spikes

Hi we have a relatively big problem with out CDN usage quote at the Repo

We are trying to figure out what media files are the big problem here, as it spiked quite heavily last fall and has been at 100+GB per day since. Can the DevOps team look into this and help us analyzing the problem?

I can send the Repo Name per DM if needed.

Would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @digital
Thanks for reaching out,
In order to investigate this, it would be necessary to have your repository name also with some screenshots as well if possible.

Please note that the bandwidth consumption is also assets (images/videos/file...) It's not only the API.

So as I have mentioned in the private message storing assets in Media Library can contribute as well as consume those assets.

I have requested our DevOps team, to give us some more info about your CDN usage and I will let you know as soon as I get a response.

I have send you a private message to answer your inquiry