Sudden unexpected usage spike

Hi there. We are seeing a huge spike in CDN bandwidth usage which is taking us over our 1TB limit. Are you able to provide us with any more detailed information as were are trying to debug why this is happening? Our usual usage is around 150gb to 250gb per month (I checked invoices for the previous few months) so this is very abnormal and a bit worrying.

I have already reached out via Intercom and received this screenshot:

I'm still not really sure what's causing our usage to suddenly spike though.

Am I right in assuming the total_bytes column is the collective total of transferred bytes for that one video/file for the month, and the api_calls is total calls for the month?

Any ideas why this usage would have suddenly shot up about 10x all of a sudden? I can't imagine any normal content changes could have such a dramatic effect on our usage, (even if adding some new videos). Have our total average number of API calls changed much since previous months? I can see from the usage dashboard that we are at 9,812,218 API calls right now. This sounds very high, but I don't really have an idea of what's normal or what it was before.

I asked for further details both in Intercom as well as in a private message on this community forum, and both times was told they'd get back to me but I never heard anything back and it's been several weeks since then.

I can provide the repository ID in a private message if needed.

From the usage dashboard:

Hey there Sean, I haven’t gotten any additional information from the team. But the main reason these spikes happen is due to the media elements that are uploaded to the repository. Video formats or heavy images impact the use of the cdn.