domain blocked in China

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I am working with Gatsby project and for loading images from Prismic I am using gatsby-plugin-image.
Problem is that recently I noticed that China blocked domain.
As a result images are blurry or wrong sizes. Although everything is ok with svg (since they are loaded from different domain - [repo_name]
Maybe you have some suggestions how to work around this?

Hello @smartproxy, I've only seen this case one other time, and I believe that to deliver content inside China, the content owner must establish a local entity/office with local Chinese citizens representing a company. Once that is done, the content owner needs to obtain a specific license from the Chinese Gov't to serve their content locally. An alternative to the above is to serve the content from Hong Kong. All content served from outside China has to go through a firewall which tends to cause additional latency.

Website itself is not blocked in China. It has all the licenses. The thing is that only domain is blocked. Meaning that images are not loaded properly. We still get all the text and svg images correctly from Prismic.
So maybe you could suggest some approach for this particular case?

I'll reach out to the Imgix team. I'll let you know as soon as I have an answer.

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Hey @smartproxy, do you have an example image you can share? We can investigate to see if there is an issue with the rendering of the image.

However, it is not easy to get past China’s policy when it comes to serving assets from outside of the country.

Sure, this is one of the image’s src:

As I mentioned, jpgs and pngs are not loaded, although svg are fine, since they are loaded from a different domain.

Hey @smartproxy, could you paste the URL of the image instead of uploading it to a comment? Discourse saves images in their own server so the URL for the image you posted changed to:


Hey @smartproxy, It doesn’t look like there are any issues with the image rendering. Unfortunately, we don’t have much control over assets that are viewed from China.

It’s possible to use a third-party CDN in front of us, such as Akamai, that does have edge nodes inside China. The caveat to using a third-party CDN in front of Imgix, however, is that you would not be able to leverage Imgix's auto=format parameter to serve the image in the best file format.

Got it :slight_smile: Thanks for your help !