PHP-SDK Guzzle is running old version

Hi there, we use your Github PHP-SDK ( but it hasn't been maintained and is using an old version of Guzzle 6.x, when is this going to be updated to use Guzzle 7.x as the minimum version?

There's even a Pull Request in the Github repo for these updates but no ones even looked at them.

It's a blocker in allowing us to keep using Prismic.

Hey Jonathan, and welcome to the forum!

I'll need to ask the dev team for more information about the maintenance of the PHP-SDK.

We'll get back to you as soon as I have some news


Hey! Did you find a solution to this?
We upgraded to PHP 7.3 and think that created problems with pagination using the SDK. Did y'all have any similar problems?

Hi guys,
We have a really old solution using Prismic and recently upgraded to 7.3.
During that time (we think) pagination stopped working...

It doesn't matter what kind of page variable we pass, it still returns the wrong documents (Always the first document(s)).

However, the strange thing is that everything except the result seems right in the response. Have a look at the bottom to see that the searchquery is correct but the page is wrong.

Any ideas?

Passing this:
$api = Api::get("");
$response = $api->query(Predicates::at('document.type', 'blog-post'), ['pageSize' => 2, 'page' => 2]);

[page:Prismic\Response:private] => 1
[resultsPerPage:Prismic\Response:private] => 2
[resultsSize:Prismic\Response:private] => 2
[totalResultsSize:Prismic\Response:private] => 76
[totalPages:Prismic\Response:private] => 38
[nextPage:Prismic\Response:private] =>[[%3Ad+%3D+at(document.type%2C+"blog-post")]]&page=2&pageSize=2
[prevPage:Prismic\Response:private] => ) 1

Hey @robert.areno, thanks for reaching out. We don't yet address this task is still in our developer's backlog. I'll add a note about what you just shared with us to be aware of it.

In the meantime, can you share with me the URL of your repository? I want to do a test with the query you provided.


Our URL is

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Hey @robert.areno, I've tried running the query with your repository and couldn’t find the issue you were describing before. The response/results seems correct. Could you point out which is the response that you expect from this query?

Have you tried it using that PHP lib as well?

Yes, I tried out your endpoint with a PHP query, and I couldn't pinpoint the issue you described before. I added a note to the dev team's same open issue, which mentions paying attention to pagination.

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I would like to see an update to this thread from the Prismic team. The lack of support or updates for the PHP SDK are preventing me from upgrading my project to the latest version of Laravel because of this outdated Guzzle dependency. If you all no longer plan to offer or support your PHP SDK, fine. But please let us know something so we can make other arrangements.

Hello Adam, thanks for reaching out.

It is true that we're currently prioritising other technologies and frameworks over others, such as PHP, and I do understand why this is needed for teams like yours who are actively using it. I've sent your message to the appropriate team so they can see your interest and whenever I get any news from them I'll update this thread.


Hi Adam,

We are planning on moving some of these SDK's such as PHP & Ruby to our community Github and making them more easily accessible to users. We want these kits to become community maintained so that we will no longer be a Bottleneck to the process of verifying and merging PR's.

I'm in the middle of working on implementing some processes to make that migration as problem-free as possible and one thing I still need to do for the PHP kit is to identify someone who could become a 'Community Kit Maintainer'. So if anyone is interested in that or wants to know more about what that entails, then let me know here and we can discuss this further.


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