My Prismic query result stop update

I use PHP + Laravel to query my blog posts, it works for a while. Today I found it's content won't update anymore, even I update some contents, it still remain old contents.

I tried using API browser, the results are new, but using my PHP prismic API query still get old contents. I tried clear my cache and still not change. Can someone help me, thanks.

Hi Taker,
Thanks for reaching out, I will try to debug this with you.

Can you please share with us the name of the repository you are using, a code snippet of the part of the code calling the API, and the query you are calling using the API browser?

Looking forward to your reply,

repository: takerbreak

My code in PHP laravel:

$api = Api::get("");
$response = $api->query(
    [Predicates::at('document.type', 'blog')],
    ['orderings' => '[ desc]']

Code works but content never change these days.

API browser:

[at(document.type, "blog")]


[ desc]
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