My Prismic query result stop update

I use PHP + Laravel to query my blog posts, it works for a while. Today I found it's content won't update anymore, even I update some contents, it still remain old contents.

I tried using API browser, the results are new, but using my PHP prismic API query still get old contents. I tried clear my cache and still not change. Can someone help me, thanks.

Hi Taker,
Thanks for reaching out, I will try to debug this with you.

Can you please share with us the name of the repository you are using, a code snippet of the part of the code calling the API, and the query you are calling using the API browser?

Looking forward to your reply,

repository: takerbreak

My code in PHP laravel:

$api = Api::get("");
$response = $api->query(
    [Predicates::at('document.type', 'blog')],
    ['orderings' => '[ desc]']

Code works but content never change these days.

API browser:

[at(document.type, "blog")]


[ desc]
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Well, the code you have provided looks correct, but my question when you try to make this query using the API browser are you sure that you are using the master ref?

is it possible that you are fetching a preview and that's why you are not getting the new content in your application?

Is the result you are getting in the API browser looks like this?

Can you give us an example document that can get a new version from the browser and now from your application?

It would be also useful to share with us (in a private message) your application code so that we try to debug the issue for you.

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