Laravel and Prismic

Hey! We’ve been building a Laravel (PHP) package for Prismic over the last few months and have it in use on a number of sites now. If anyone is interested in having a look/contributing let me know. We’ve really focused on getting a nice fluid ‘Eloquent-like’ interface for it, as well as solving more complex issues around caching.


Hey benji!
I am! Can you share a link to the package and/or the doc? :pray:

Great! It’s over at

We’re still in beta and the read me file needs properly updating, but feel free to have a look through the code and ask me any questions. I’m keen to start pulling together documentation for this but have just been busy on client work. As a quick hint, you can access all the Query methods by calling them on your Document extended object in the same way that you can call Laravel query builder methods from your model. That might help you navigate things a little. For example, Article::where('slug', $slug)->get()


Great, I’m going to share with some people that I know use Laravel, to get you a maximum of feedback!

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