Post doesn't show up

I've uploaded multiple posts (first one last week) and none of them are showing up live on the site. Please help!

Hi Terence,

Welcome to the community! I'll be happy to help.

Do you know if your website is using a cache or whether you have webhooks set up to trigger a new build of your site?

Are you the developer on the project?


Hi Phil! Thanks for responding.

I see the webhooks and that they're used to trigger. Also that publishing a new document (i.e. news post in this instance) should trigger a refresh.

Unfortunately I'm not the developer and they're not reachable anymore.

Can you check your repo's api browser at

Just click search and you can see if your most recent documents are being served by the API. If they are then this means your website probably has a cache.

It has a picture of a logo and then the text says:

2 documents found

  • page Wl4CCCcAAAfU5RMd quickstart

You're almost there!

It looks like you need to update your API Endpoint.

Go to your prismic configuration file and update the Endpoint to match your repository's url.

Sorry I should have been more clear, this was just an example.

You will need to replace your-repo-name with the ID of you repo from the URL in your dashboard.

Ahhh my bad.

Okay, it says 74 documents found.

Hey @Phil Do you think I need to change something in the coding or is it an easy fix?

Honestly I can't be sure without having more details about the project. I think you'll need to reach out to your developer to get help with this.

I would check where the project is deployed though and check why the new build isn't being triggered.