Document publish in prismic dashboard but no found in the prismic api

Hi, I have a bug that impact our web page. And we have this bug for multiple pages. for exemple : return a 404 because in the code we have an if who check if the content exist or not. The prismic interface say yes it's publish but it doesn't work. In the api impossible to find this content.

help is welcome ty

Hello @aymeric.foulard, welcome to the Community.

Did you found this error in the API only or is it not appearing on your website?
What technology did you use to generate the site?

This usually happens when a project has a caching system that prevents the page from showing the most up-to-date content, or if your project uses Webhooks, you'll probably need to check if the rebuild process has been done correctly.

Hello @Paulina thank you for the help. But i don't think the bug is depending on our technology cause when i use the prismic api website the bug document is not present, but the document is published in the prismic dashboard. And if we disabled the publish document and then re publish it in the prismic dashboard now it work. We have this problem for multiple documents.

I see; thanks for the clarification. I'll run a test in your repository using the links you sent, and I'll come back when I have more information.

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Hey @aymeric.foulard

I can see the document in the prismic API so that's strange that you're not able to fetch it on your website, is it possible that you're using an outdated ref?

If you run this predicate [at(my.advices.uid,"zinguer-cercueil")] for your query, you should see it.

You said that this problem also appears for other documents, could you list those documents?


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Hey @renaud , @Paulina ty for help you right, the probleme was in our application we have found it thanks to you.

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