Prevent modified date from changing

We were wondering if it would be possible in future to change the meta data set for Google. In order to prevent the modified date from changing when making minor changes to the content. Worldpress has a plugin for that see URL below

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Hi Laura,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

There are 2 publication dates that you can use here, the one you’ve referenced is the last_publication_date date which is always updated.

You might want to use the first_publication_date which will never change.

Does this help?


Hi Phil,

Yes I am referring to the modified date. I would like to have the option that this date is not changed when passing in meta data. Use case is that there was just a typo or similar and we do not want that it looks as the article was revised. So the last_publication_date should remain.
I hope this makes it clearer?

Thanks that helps.

In that case you would be better using the first_publication_date field to show when your docs where published. This way it will never change.

As for the last_publication_date, the meta data is not editable manually like this and we have no plans to change this is the future. I will log your use case as a feature request though if the team ever consider making any changes to this.

Alternatively you could use a selectable date field for all your articles, that way you can specify an exact date. This field is auto-populate when a new instance of the doc is created and can be changed in the future. You will need to manually select the date for all older documents if you do this though.

Otherwise you can make another tab with metadata in (like an SEO page) and have a date field in there which you can update manually.

Hey Marcello that sounds like the solution I was looking for! I’ll try that out definitely :slight_smile:

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