Preview button in Prismic UI doesnt work

When using preview button in the document the redirect to our environment doesnt work and Prismic shows an error page with BAD REQUEST error

For request 'GET /previews/session/draft?previewId=XXXt&document=XXX&version=XXX' [Expecting text/json or application/json body]

It started to appear when we enabled new feature of rights and roles for our repository.

How can this be fixed?

Hi Jan,

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Can you send me a private message with your repo ID so I can investigate this for you?

Just click my profile image and then the message button to send a PM.


The team informed me this was indeed due to the Roles per Locale feature for your repository and that they have rolled this back. :slight_smile:

I believe they've already contacted you about this. So I'm closing the thread.


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