Problem with Preview feature while setting this up on Magento using prismic-php-sdk


I have been struggling with the preview function while setting Prismic for my new project for a while.
I only can get the new content after Publish a document, the toolbar doesn't work and as you can see in the screenshot above, I got a log of 404 returns so the Preview feature is impossible to load (I think).

Could anyone help to resolve this issue?

To add,

Hi everyone,

Finally we have the preview function works on our local environment using php-sdk.
But when we move to test on dev site with Basic Auth protection set at server level, I just got 401 error code on all preview from Prismic server, but the webhook works just fine. Check below

Could this be caused by somethings from Prismic? or is it definitely something which need to be resolved from our server side?


Hello @quyendam.2612,

My apologies for just responding to you.

I have been trying to reproduce this issue on my end. Still, I have had no luck, I have reached out to our team to help with this, but in the meantime, can you provide me with any information to help reproduce this issue, like steps to reproduce, browser type and settings, etc., so I can assist you?