Prismic Preview Issue

Hello there I am trying to properly set up the prismic preview on our site and running into issues. I'm suscessfully able to route directly to my preview page. However, I no longer see unpublished changes when preview is clicked or the prismic toolbar.

Our app is built with laravel and I have implemented the following

my link resolver

public function resolve($link): ?string
        if (property_exists($link, 'isBroken') && $link->isBroken === true) {

        if($link->type === 'home_page') {
            return $link->lang === 'fr-ca' ? '/fr' : '/';

        if($link->type === 'realizations_list') {
            return $link->lang === 'fr-ca' ? '/fr/projets' : '/projects';

        foreach ($this->mainPages as $page) {
            if($link->type === $page->type) {
                return $link->lang === 'fr-ca' ? 'fr/' . $link->uid : $link->uid;

        return '';

I've also set up my preview route & controller

Route: Route::get('/preview', 'App\HomeController@prismicPreview')->name('prismic-preview');


public function prismicPreview(Request $request)
        $token = $request->input('token');
        $api = Api::get(env('PRISMIC_API'));
        $linkResolver = new PrismicPreviewClient();
        $url = $api->previewSession($token, $linkResolver, '/');

        return response(null, 302)->header('Location', $url);

That being said I do not see io.prismic.preview cookie locally or in production regardless if the preview url I input into my settings. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?

Hello @raheim

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Do you include the Script on every page of your website? Are you following that document to implement Preview?