Preview stuck on "Currently Rebuilding"

I followed the tutorial on Getting started with Gatsby Cloud & Prismic - Prismic

But when I try to view a preview on Gatsby Cloud I get the message "currently rebuilding". While the build and deploy are both completed in the panel.

How can I debug this?

Hello @jorg, Welcome to the Community; I'll be happy to help you today!

Let's do a quick check of a few things:

  • Have you seen any particular errors appearing in the build's log history?
  • Have you correctly configured the webhooks and environment variables?
  • From where are you starting the preview session? From the preview eye button of an unpublished document, a document in a release, or are you just clicking the preview CMS button in Gatsby Cloud?

Hi Pauline, yes I found this error in the build history today:

I doublechecked webhooks and env variables and starting from the preview eye button.

It is weird if you performed every step it should work without a problem.
Could it be something related to your project configuration?
I've found this Github issue similar to yours:

  1. Gatsby doesn't always refresh changes #27609

I think I found the solution: Gatsby develop was stuck in a loop because of postcss-typescript-d-ts. When I commented out this plugin it rendered a page. I got a new error though stating 404 pages can't be found.

404s are working locally as well as in the deploy though.

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