Unable to update data on Gatsby

When I am updating the data from Prismic, it's not updating in Gatsby. when I rebuild the project, then data is updating on Gatsby. Please Help.

Hey @jonkat80 welcome to the community

Builds in Gatsby are required to display the most up-to-date version of your documents. As explained in the Official Gatsby Documentation:

Gatsby’s build command should be run when you’ve added the finishing touches to your site and everything looks great. gatsby build creates a version of your site with production-ready optimizations like packaging up your site’s config, data, and code, and creating all the static HTML pages that eventually get rehydrated into a React application.

This means that, in your project, you need to perform a build whenever you do a change, or you could configure Gatsby Cloud if you want to enable incremental builds.

You can also set up webhooks to trigger builds in your project whenever a change is made in your repository. Check out the documentation here:

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