Looking for info re: Publishing webhook for Azure

Hey-o. So I'm new to all this. Been using Prismic for a little while, love it. I have a couple of sites built on Gatsby, repositories in Github, deployed to Azure static web apps. My current workflow sucks, though, and I know I'm just doing it wrong, but I can't seem to find any tutorials or documentation to help me get this all rounded up so that the site builds and redeploys when a page is published in Prismic.

Right now, I save my page, publish, and then either push new code to Github from the command line, which triggers a new build and deploy OR run over to Github and run the last workflow in the Actions list. It works, but it's a pain. I know there's a way to trigger the build and deploy on Prismic Publish, I just don't know how.

Any direction would be massively appreciated. Thanks.

Hello Bryan, welcome to the Community!

Which Gatsby plugin are you using? This piece of information it's important because we do have a great new integration that allows you to run Prismic with Gatsby Cloud to use Incremental builds!, but it only works if you are using the gatsby-source-prismic plugin.

Quoting Gatsby: Now, when you make a data change in a CMS, the Gatsby Cloud Incremental Builds feature will rebuild only what’s necessary

We also have a dedicated article that will guide you through the necessary steps of connecting your project to Gatsby Cloud:

If you want to try this out and aren't using the recommended plugin, here's the doc that will help you migrate to the correct one:

Let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else


I am using gatsby-source-prismic but migrating away from Azure is not something that I can do at this time. What I'm looking for is some coaching on automating the deployments via webhooks so I'm publishing with one click rather than bouncing around a couple of sites.

Oh ok, I understand.

We don't have a dedicated article that works with Azure, but you can still make use of the Webhooks feature to trigger the event you need, even if it's not connected to the Incremental builds.

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