Trigger deployment to AWS S3 bucket

Does anyone have any experience or can point me in the direction of docs for handling deployments to an AWS S3 bucket?

I currently have a Gatsby site pulling data in from Prismic and have an npm task that is building and deploying the site to the S3 bucket, but I need some information on how to trigger a build when a page is published in Prismic itself.

I normally use Netlify and I’m finding S3 much more of a challenge to get working in comparison, any help would be massively appreciated.


Hello @robsimpson,

I’ve found this pretty good guide on how to build & deploy your website on S3. You might want to use a SaaS tool to manage and automate your build and deployment on S3.

In this guide, you’ll see that the writer chose to use CircleCI but you could use any other CI/CD solution.

The only thing that you will have to do after your CI configuration is done is to set up the prismic webhook to call the CircleCI API in order to trigger the build & then deploy the statically generated pages on S3.

I hope it makes sense.
Any reason not to stick with Netlify?

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