Fragmented Webhook triggers

On the website I work on,, we have more than 700 pages, and we're creating more. The build time for the whole site is getting too big, so what I wanted to do to tackle this problem is to build each part of the website without triggering the entire thing. As far as I know, Prismic doesn't have this feature, but do you folks have it in your roadmap? If not, could you include it?

It would be basically a webhook that tells each documents that are updated and each documents related to the updated docs

Hey @klynger, thanks for your suggestion. I'll pass your feedback along to our product team for consideration as they plan future updates to our platform.

In the meantime, you may want to consider optimizing your build process by using incremental builds, which only rebuild the pages that have been updated. I think Gatsby has full support for this. So it'll depend on the framework that you're using.

Thanks, @Pau. I'm using NextJS, but ISR doesn't work for us because of two things:

The first is that when we tried adding ISR, it exceeded some AWS cache limit size on Netlify.
The second is that we have a lot of validations at build time to avoid launching pages with missing SEO tags, missing data at any slice that is required, HTTP links, and other things. So we need to run all this validation at build time. That's why knowing exactly what we need to build again is important. I'm not sure how to make a partial build on NextJS, I don't even know if that's possible, but the first step to making it happen is to know what changed.

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