Deploy without webhook?

I have just inherited a website that is using Prismic for the headless CMS. I have access to the Github repo of the React front end, and the Prismic login, but I have no idea how this site is actually getting deployed.

I've checked out the Webhooks section of the Settings, that is completely empty. How else could Prismic be pinging whatever it is that's deploying this site?

I'm a complete Prismic newb; so far I like what I see, but apologies in advance for my ignorance here. Thanks!

Hey Martin, welcome to the community, you've come to the right place to ask all of your questions. We'll be happy to help you!

Selecting a deployment platform for your project is easy, you just have to select the option that you prefer the most. It will depend on your needs and the framework you used for your project.

We usually recommend the Gatsby Cloud, for Gatsby; Vercel, for Next.js, Netlify for Nuxt.js.

If you have a static site, you can use Netlify Drop! where you just drop your static files and it gives you a deployment URL right away: Netlify Drop

Hi Paulina. I don't think you understood my problem.

I inherited a project that already has a deployment platform. The problem is, I can't figure out which one, and the original developer doesn't remember what they used. This stuff is just on autopilot and nobody knows how it works.

There are no webhooks configured in Prismic, but when the site "publiishes" it still goes live. I'm trying to figure out how the deployment server is detecting changes when no webhooks are enabled. Is there another way to trigger deployments from Prismic besides webhooks?

Does Prismic have a proper support email address?

Hello Martin, the Comunity Forum is the place where you can ask for help, add feature requests suggestions, give feedback and much more.

I'm not exactly sure how would a site be able to rebuild without using a webhook to announce the deployment platform the changes happening in the Prismic repository.

Most probably, you will need to request access to the person who was in charge of the project before. Since the selection of deployment services is independent of Prismic, it is not possible for us to know which service a given repository is using.

I can recommend you to use an application for chrome, a third-party tool called Wappalyzer, which allows you to examine the technologies used in web pages, this may help you to know which web server your site is using, however, you will still need help from the person who has access to it.

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