Deploying a dynamic live site

Any suggestions on the preferred deployment platform for a non-static site?

I have deployed a site using Netlify from a BitBucket repo of my Nuxt & Slice Machine project. However, when content is updated on the Prismic CMS, those updates won’t publish to the site, and a triggered re-deploy via curl or Netlify UI panel won’t work either. Unless I am missing something very obvious (highly likely), it seems that the only way I can see updates made on the CMS is to force a git commit. My goal is to deploy a dynamic live site that reflects up-to-date published docs. What am I missing?

There is a way! Set up a webhook in Prismic to trigger the Netlify build.

  1. Go to\<your-repository>/settings/deploys#build-hooks
  2. Create a new build hook
  3. Go to https://\<your-repository>
  4. Copy the build hook from Netlify into a new webhook

Now every time you make a change in Prismic, a deploy is triggered in Netlify.

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