Trigger Auto Builds/Deploy cycle with CircleCI

Hi Prismic, do you have a recommendation, tips, or an article describing how to get publishing in prismic working to trigger an automatic build and deploy cycle in circleCI? We have the auto-build and deploy functioning when we merge new code to master in GitHub, but we'd like to connect it to prismic publish somehow?

So when we publish, our app re-builds and deploys with the new content/data from prismic automatically.

Is this with GitHub actions, web hooks, or any recommendations on how to do this?


Hi Ben,

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To find the best fit, we would need to know the technology you are using (some technologies provide their own services).

Looking forward to your reply,

We use Jekyll for our website, we're using a basic integration of Prismic to update some areas of the homepage. Each time we build and deploy the website it pulls in the content from prismic so that we can host a fast site with as few API calls and dependencies.

Id love to hit "publish" in prismic and automatically trigger CircleCI to run our build and deploy cycle, as it does when we commit and merge code to our main branch in GitHub. Thanks!

Hi Ben,

I've checked with my team, and unfortunately, we don't have any documentation related to circle CI or Jekyll.

But to be able to trigger a build when publishing content you would need to use Prismic webhooks to trigger a deploy hook that you need set up on your preferred deploying platform

To learn more about Prismic Webhook please check this article.

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