Incremental Builds w/ Gatsby Cloud?

I’m wondering if there is a plan in place or timeline to integrate Prismic with Gatsby Cloud’s incremental build feature? I watched Gatsby’s demo video and would love to see Prismic as an option with this.

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Hi fitzgers,

You can integrate prismic with gatsby-clouds incremental builds right now :slight_smile:

Incremental builds will work better with gatsby-source-prismic rather than our officially supported / documented plugin gatsby-source-prismic-graphql.

The problem with this is that self-hosted previews with gatsby-source-prismic require additional programming rather than with gatsby-source-prismic-graphql, but if your using gatsby-cloud for previews this shouldn’t be an issue.



I’m interested what you mean when you say, “Incremental builds will work better with gatsby-source-prismic…”

What are the disadvantages of continuing to use the gatsby-source-prismic-graphql plugin with incremental builds?

Also, if we swap to using gatsby-source-prismic, is it possible to trigger a Gatsby Cloud Preview build with the preview button in Prismic?

Thanks so much.


Hi Rob,

gatsby-source-graphql plugins preform schema stitching (using an external graphql endpoint) to create the schema gatsby uses. If this schema changes a little then all the queries using that endpoint need to be rerun. Our understanding is that this is not the case with with other methods of generating the schema.

For gatsby previews you will need to set up a webhook to trigger the preview builds :slight_smile:



Do you happen to have a full example repo that demonstrates how to set this all up?

Hi Teamgi,

It’s on my todo list :slight_smile:

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Thanks Marc, will you post it here when it’s done?