Preview Support

Is preview and the toolbar supported on the OOB Nuxt/SM project? When I hit preview the correct page loads but not with the updated content or the toolbar. I created a preview in my settings pointing to the localhost and with "/preview" in the link resolver field.

Hello Shawn, yes, previews work with SM nuxt projects.

To be able to do a test on my side, could you tell me:

  • Which browser are you using, and if its Chrome, the current version installed on your machine?
  • The URL of your repository

You can send this info to me in a private dm if your prefer.

Thanks a lot

Hey Shawn,

There seems to be an issue with previews for SM repositories. It seems to be on Chrome and we think it's to do with a cookie policy issue, we rolled out a fix previously on other groups. We're looking in to it and we'll update you here once we know more.


@Phil : Thanks for looking into that. I am happy to hear it is not me. lol. I am in fact using Chrome. I will check with another browser. Please keep me informed.

edit: I tried in Edge and Safari as well and still was not getting the toolbar or the updated content.

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