Preview throwing 500's all of a sudden

I’ve been using the preview environment prior to us pushing code, however earlier this week my preview started throwing 500’s when attempting to be used.

The errors are telling me that query validations are hitting, however when I run a build locally, everything works fine with published content.

Is there another way to investigate this?

Thank you!

Hi Pete,

Welcome to Prismic community, I will try to debug this with you.

Can you please post the errors you are getting so that I be able to investigate further, also can you send me a direct message with name of the repository you are using?


Hello Fares-

Thank you for the response. I ended up figuring it out and was able to adjust it. On my StaticQueries that I had wrapped with withPreview, I was attaching the fragments to the class vs passing them in as props.

Secondly, I apparently left off adding a fragment to one of my other pages which was causing the other 500 error.

What was strange to me is neither of these were causing my builds to fail so builds (and local dev) were still working just fine. My thought is that these definitions were handling preview requests vs the actual initial data queries.

Thanks for the response and have a great day!

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