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I'm currently managing a site that is utilizing multiple repos within the same site (the content is structured this way as it's managed by different teams). As we are migrating to ReactJS and following documentation for implementing preview functionality, it appears you are only able to specify one repo for previews (i.e. embedding the script takes a single repo query param, and attempts to add multiple query params or script tags fails). Is there any way to allow previewing content from any repo?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, thanks for joining the community!

Unfortunately, at the moment there's no way of making two repositories work with the preview at the same time in a single project. One script added into the project means one preview session and then the toolbar will display the relevant documents showing on the page, but again, only docs attached to that specific repository.

What I can do is mark this as a feature request so the product team can be aware of your use case.

That's great. Thank you.

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