Previewing content without ReleaseID

Hi, I set up my Prismic previews with Gatsby cloud and everything is working properly when trying to view a release.
However, I have a few questions -

  1. Is it possible to view previews that have been made without a ReleaseID? I want my content creators to be able to change things and preview them without having to create a release.

  2. Is it possible to somehow get the ReleaseID automatically in Gatsby cloud's dashboard? Or do I have to manually insert it every time a new release is being managed?

  3. If 2 is not possible, please provide a detailed explanation about using the Prismic release API.

Thank you in advance, have a wonderful day.

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Hello Daniel, glad to see you join the community!

These are very good questions.

  1. The release is necessary for now since Gatsby Cloud does not support multiple preview sessions like Prismic's previews provide.
  2. You need to manually add the release ID each time you create a new one.
  3. Here's the dedicated guide for configuring Gatsby Cloud previews with Prismic and the instructions to find the release IDs

For the record. There are two ways to use Previews. With Gatsby Cloud and Client-side:

  • Gatsby Cloud Previews : Use Gatsby Cloud's Preview service to have a running server that you access via your Gatsby Cloud account.
  • Client-side Previews : Your static website contains all preview-related code and works directly with Prismic, separately from Gatsby Cloud.