Prismic repo, which is the Release ID? Gatsby-source-prismic usage

Hi guys.

I'm working transferring an app that was originally in Gatsby 3.1.1 to Gatsby 4.0.2

Before, in the 3.1.1 app, I could work by giving an empty value inside the prismic-configuration.js file to the releaseID and accessToken variables. But apparently now with Gatsby 4.0.2 I have to set values for these two variables, because when I build the app, I get a message saying:

Invalid plugin options for "gatsby-source-prismic":

  • "accessToken" is not allowed to be empty
  • "releaseID" is not allowed to be empty

My question is, therefore. Which is the releaseID for a Prismic repository? I know which is the accessToken, but I have not been able to find which is the release ID. I am stuck with this and can't build my App.


Hello @fhuneeus

Thanks for reaching out to us.

When you create a release of your documents, you can get a release ID using the Prismic REST API. Please find more details in the gatsby-source-prismic technical reference article.

Let me know if you have any further questions.