Prismic loading Jquery and Bootstrap?

Great CMS, I love it so far.
I do have a quick question.
I noticed that the prismic-toolbar loads both bootstrap and jquery which I’m not very fond of unfortunately. Jquery will drop my lighthouse score for the project I’m working on.

Is there a way to avoid this?

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Ah, so I found out that’s its for the preview. Is there a way to disable this so the boostrap and jquery doesn’t load on my site?

I’m using gatsby-source-prismic-graphql and disabling preview with false didn’t work.

Hi @joakim.roos, I’m not sure about this, so I’ll need to pass this over to the Prismic dev team (@team-tech-support) . Someone there will get back to you as soon as they are able.

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It use to be the case for our previous toolbar version but now you have to move the the last version of the toolbar v3 that was a complete revamp of the toolbar to make it more reliable and with no dependencies like jquery :stuck_out_tongue:
Your case is a bit different since you’re on Gatsby so basically we need to merge this PR and you’ll just have to update your gatsby plugin :wink:
I’ll ask some people on the team to review it quickly so we can finally get this over with.


That is great to hear, looking forward to the merge!

@alws can this be merged? It has been open for a very long time and it has quite some impact on the Lighthoue score.