Prismic Preview Feature - Api URL/Token to fetch all preview items

I am using Prismic Preview with Gatsby/NextJs and as far as I know, prismic creates a token session where users can preview a single content at a time.

Most part of CMS offers a preview API Link that you can fetch all the latest draft contents. So the only thing that developers need to do is to replace the API Link /Repository ref or API Token and they can get ALL latest draft items in all requests.

If I am true about the way prismic preview works, I think it leads to poor user experience as they have to HIT the preview button every time when they want to preview content.

Let’s suppose that user is doing a lot of changes in the website and is testing the preview, if user changes Home Page content and click in preview, we will load the Home Page with the preview content according to the link resolver. But what if the user has also changed About Us 1 hour ago and decides to navigate to it, he won’t see the preview/draft content on About Page. He will probably need to go to Prismic dashboard and hit the preview button once again.

I also think this behaviour limits us from using features like Gatsby Refresh Endpoint ( and limit users/developers when developing previews.

Would not be simpler to have a single source of truth API/Token that returns all draft/preview items in every request like most part of headless cms does?**

Thanks and sorry I am wrong or if I missed something about prismic preview feature.

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