Prismic Research : looking for developers with experience building Navigations in Slice Machine

Hey everyone!

I’m Côme, Product Manager from Prismic, in our DevTools team.We are currently recruiting experienced Prismic users for our Slice Machine - Build navigations study and we would love to get your feedback!

We're looking for developer users who have already built a navigation using Slice Machine. Having an experience with complex multi-level navigations is a plus.

What to expect

  • The call will be a ~60 minutes user interview.
  • We will focus on how you currently build navigation menus in Slice Machine. We want to understand your hardest and easiest use cases
  • Be ready to screen share and discuss how you built one easy example and one (or more) challenging example.
  • To thank you for your time, you will receive a USD40 gift card (including Amazon) at the end of your session :)

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Looking forward to talking to you!