Updates and Introductions: February 2023

Hey Prismic People!

We're excited to have all of you, new and experienced, as a part of our community. As we jump into February, we'd like to encourage you to share your professional goals and aspirations with the community. Whether you're looking to learn Slice Machine, work on a challenging project, or build your client list, we're all here to support you. Let's make this month a productive and successful one together!

Here's a template to make sharing easy:

:wrench: I am using Prismic to build...

:notebook: Im learning or teaching others to...

:world_map: You can find me ... where I like to...

I can't wait to hear from all of you!



:wrench: I am using Prismic to build the marketing website of Circuit.

:notebook: Im trying to migrate the website from Next@12 to Next@13

:world_map: You can find me on Github or LinkedIn.

A while ago, I implemented something really cool that I called Slice resolvers to try to improve the website's performance by avoiding sending unnecessary data to the client and validating the data that Prismic returns it. It is basically a function inside the getStaticProps of each page that validates each slice calling a specific function for that slice_type. I plan to write more about this, but I'm struggling to find the time for it.

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Hey Rafael, thanks for sharing! Let us know how the migration goes when you finish and be sure to share whatever you publish on Slice resolvers. I'd love to hear more about it and boost it to the community at large when ready.

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