Prismic SliceZone errors on Nuxt frontend


Very rarely, I see an error on the front end of our sites, showing an error like this:

Now previously this has only been seen on in-progress sites by various colleagues, and we couldn't replicate it after refreshing the page.

But now this is a client seeing the error, who has never been on the site before.

This is pretty worrying — if the client can see this on first visit, then who knows how many other first-time visitors will be seeing this error? And they won't be reporting the bug to us...

The site:
and specific page with slice zone: Future of Grimsby Art Museum | this place [of mine] grimsby

Has anybody noticed this on their sites before? Is there anything we might be doing wrong to cause this? And — are there any fixes available??


Hello Jarod, I've looked at your .dev site and couldn't find the empty Slices. Could it be that you're running the project in development mode, and that's why you're seeing these warnings?

It is only possible to see them if you are running Slice Machine.

Hi Pau, thanks for looking into this. We're not running in development mode as far as I'm aware — are there any special config options to turn it off? It's being built with the standard nuxi generate command and deployed as a static site to Cloudflare Pages.


Hey Jarod,

Are you able to provide a reproducible version of repo of this or share your page file for the page in question?


Hi Jake,

The repo is here: GitHub - studiotreble/thisplaceofmine-2023-site

This is the page file: thisplaceofmine-2023-site/_uid.vue at b645827265f6aae44826d760cf8e49144079f440 · studiotreble/thisplaceofmine-2023-site · GitHub

Let me know if you need any help finding your way around!


Thanks Jarod,

I've had a good look locally and on your dev site and unfortunately haven't been able to recreate the issue.

Do you know if this happens near a recent build/deployment either from Prismic or from Github?

yarn build/nuxi generate is the correct command and AFAIK you shouldn't be seeing the issue posted once the site is generated which is a bit confusing - I can see on the dev site the data is there in the raw html source.

You could try Vercel/Netlify as a test environment and try to recreate there.

Sorry I couldn't have been more help.

Thanks for looking through this Jake, appreciate it! I'll keep an eye out for this happening again and update the topic if I find a way of recreating it in the future.