Slices loading for a second and then disappearing only to display "your SliceZone is empt"

Seems to work fine for me in Firefox Dev edition (84.0b5), but in standard Firefox (83) it's generates the issues discussed.

You can see this on our current development site here:

Edit: Link to site removed

Everytime the page is refreshed the underlying correct slices show for a second and then "your slice is empty" shows.. and the page seems broken to the user.

Please advise.

It's feeling like a permissions issue, almost as if it loads and then failed permissions locks you out again but really I have no idea why its doing this.

Tested in a few places, sometimes the webconsole is also giving this.

Edit: Image removed.


Hey @online,

I've seen issues similar to this before, but I couldn't say for sure the cause without taking a closer look. Could you share your Nuxt project for me to take a look and try to debug? In a .zip file or GitHub repo would be great :slight_smile:


What’s your github username? I’ll send u an invite.

Great! Username: samlfair

Invite sent to you, thanks for looking.

Hey @online,

I got your project up and running and did a test deploy, and ran into the same problem. In development, I noticed this error in the browser console:

It seemed to be referencing the element from lines 33-37 of ~/components/HeroSolution.vue:

        <span v-if="$attrs.parent">
          <a :href="$attrs.parent" class="italic text-grey-500 pt-2px"
            >{{ $attrs.suite || "" }} suite overview</a

I commented out those lines, and the error went away in development. I pushed to production, and the SliceZone seems to be loading fine.

Give that a try, and see if it helps. If not, we can keep digging :slight_smile:


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That seemed to work, thank you very much.

Dug into the above code and what was happening was that I had a <a> tag embedded in another <a> tag. Cleaned up the code and all is well.

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@online Awesome! Glad to hear it. Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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This issue has been closed as it has been fixed, Flag if it is not the case for you to reopen.