Prismic Toolbar causing refresh loop, taking site down

We have two user that, whenever we publish a document, they get stuck in a refresh loop. Any page with the cms preview toolbar is included is affected.

That is essentially a DDOS attack on our site.

It’s taken our website down 4 times now.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Two users can DDOS your site? That doesn’t sound like a great hosting option…

Well, we haven’t turned on DDoS protection. But discussing the ins and outs of hosting providers, DDoS protection and how much we should be spending on hosting is not what I came to this forum to talk about.

And even if there was no DDOS issue, the constant “refresh” is still annoying for those users that see it.

Hi Daniel,

We've worked on a fix for this issue, it's only for Chrome users as it's to do with their Samesite cookies update. We will be pushing the update to the toolbar very soon.

We'll update everyone in this thread once it's done.


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Hi Phil.

Really glad that you fixed this. However, please try to acknowledge that you're working on xyz in future a little earlier? I spent two days last week creating a workaround for this issue (in addition to the time i spent last month), and I could have skipped most of that if i'd known a fix was coming soon.

Hey again Daniel,

I totally agree, it was a something we could have made a lot clearer, these things get a ahead of us sometimes.

We are working on improving our communication here on the forum with a better thread tracking process, as well as the use of banners to make very visible announcements about changes and issues.

We are learning everyday about how to improve these processes and we always try our best to be as reactive as possible.

Sorry again for the inconvenience caused.


Thanks Phil. Don't worry about it too much, mostly glad it got fixed and i can remove the Rube Goldberg workaround i was planning to use.

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Just to clarify, this is not fixed yet right ?

HI Waihon,

That's correct, the fix has been created, but it's currently in the review and testing phase. So it hasn't been pushed, yet.

Once this has been done, we'll update the other thread and I'll send a quick message here too. :slight_smile:


Hi @diegohuggins & @waihon, the Product team here has deployed the fix for the Prismic toolbar. You might need to clear your cache and reload, but then you should be able to close the preview session :slight_smile:

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