PrismicVue is not defined

Hello! I have some troubles with integrating prismic in my vue.js project(not vue cli). Error is - PrismicVue is not defined.Can you help me, please?
I did everything as in this instruction -

Vue.use(PrismicVue, {
endpoint: window.prismic.endpoint,
linkResolver: linkResolver

Hi Viktoriia,

Welcome to the community!

Did you import your PrismicVue in to your main.js file like so import PrismicVue from 'prismic-vue'?

You can see how we did this in our sample vue website. I find it’s always good place to start as you can have a look at correct set up with everything in place for you.

If you don’t want to install it with the CLI you can see it directly on github here: