Problem with Date across timezones

We have a content team spread through different timezones (japan, europe, usa) and we have issues displaying posts with the right date in our website. For example, the japanese team fills a post with a date of October 7th, but the post is displayed in October 6th. That is because the japanese team has many more hours, I assume. How can we fix that? How can we have the displayed date that the content team chose?



All Date queries in Prismic are done in UTC. So if you're querying by publication Date the query will follows UTC time.

Instead if you query by Date field you can set the exact timestamp for a publication that does not follow the UTC standard.

If you need that You can add an extra Timestamp field in your custom type, that way editors can select the correct Date and hour of their publications

If we take that approach, wouldn't the reverse be true?

For example, an author from an advanced time-zone, like Tokyo, Japan (we have a few) publishes an article and sets the timestamp to their current date/time. Since deploys are automatic, then those in the states, like California, would see a published post on the site that came from 17+ hours in the future?

Even if we just revealed the date, it would still be off and odd for readers . . .

Hey Justin, thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Prismic forum!

That is probably true. In that case what I could recommend you would be to use a Key text field. That way you can add any synchronised time standard you team and you agree on.

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