Locale Publishing At Wrong Time

Noticing that the documents are publishing earlier than expected for our DE locale. Would someone be able to provide details or examine this issue? Do we have to account for a timezone offset?

Hi, @mason.mullendore,

Welcome to the Prismic community, In fact, the date provided by Prismic is in UTC ISO 8601 Standard, and it is your application responsibility to represent the date in your location.

Please send a sample code snippet of usage you did in your code.


Hi Fares,

Thanks for the response. We are doing document scheduling through the prismic admin. Not sure what code I should supply.

On of the users that operates in Austria is noticing that the document is publishing earlier than scheduled. When we see the publish time in the admin it looks correct to the timezone.

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Alright, now I better understand. In fact, I was referring to the date provided by the API, so in this case, there is no code snippet required.

In this case, I will do some tests in the Prismic editor and try to reproduce the issue.

Hey, Just wanted to build on this as it's not clear anywhere in the documentation. Can we safely assume that UTC is also being used for the Publish Date

Well, it is in UTC as far as I know, but I have requested confirmation from our dev team.

Hey there. Publishing dates should be adjusted according to your timezone and show you the time in your current location.

Can you give us an example of the timestamp you added to your release and its actual publication time?

Hi, @mason.mullendore,

I've got some feedback from our production team, and they have confirmed the following:

  • Scheduling is set on the timezone of the person clicking on the Button when scheduling
  • All users will see the date with their own timezone

Please let us know if you are experiencing a different behavior than this.

Thanks for the details.

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