Releases by Locale

Is there a possibility to determine a timed release at a time relative to the locale? Our client has EN (for US market) and (DE for local).

Hi @thejuniperstudio,

We don't have a way to set different publish times within a release. I would recommend creating multiple releases and calculating the publish time relative to the publisher's location. If you're based in Germany, set your German release normally, and then the US (East Coast) release +6 hours.

Let me know if this addresses your use case.


That's how we imagined it working for now, longer term I wonder if this would be a viable feature to consider

@thejuniperstudio What would you imagine this feature would look like?

Hypothetically I'd expect when you set up the date/time release the timezone relative to the local is displayed, and then you have the ability to change the timezone, i.e. GMT+1 to GMT-7.

Thanks! I've submitted that as a feature request, and I'll follow up on it in the future. I'll post here if I have any updates.

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This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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