Published Doc: Application Error (server-side exception)

Hello Prismic People.

I am aware that Prismic has raised an issue with Next on caching. My hunch is that what I am about to describe will get lumped into that problem. On the off chance that I'm wrong about this, and someone out there knows what to do, I figure I'll explain.

When I publish documents in Prismic, and then check the site (Vercel hosted), I get:

Application error: a server-side exception has occurred (see the server logs for more information).
Digest: 3919255688

To get rid of this, I've been going to my homepage document, changing the meta description in the SEO tab by adding a space. I then save and publish, refresh the site a few times and the new content is there.

This is not ideal, but now the error isn't going away even after I publish a change in the homepage.

What could be causing this? I imagine, my next step is to purge cache in Vercel and trigger a rebuild. This is even further from ideal.

Am I the only one this happens to?

It's just so strange that publishing the homepage document seems to do the trick most of the time and causes the cache to revalidate.

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Hey Neil,

Thanks for describing your issue.

We talked about it on the support team, and all agreed that this looks to be most likely the Next.js 13 caching issue. We've never seen this sort of strange rebuild behavior anywhere else.

You could follow the main thread, and also upvote the linked GitHub issue: