Querying unpublished documents via API

Is there a prismic API (either in the SDK or REST Api) that allows me to programmatically query for unpublished documents? As I'm using prismic to serve up content via our own Api's to a mobile app, I would like to be able to test new content on the app prior to publishing. It seems to be that the preview functionality is specific to the document that you want to preview. What if I want to test multiple unpublished documents at the same time?

Hi Kamal,

What you searching for here is releases:

You can query a release by its ref:


Thanks much Phil, this is very helpful. I had never tried out the release feature, exactly what I was looking for.
Is there a way to use the prismic/client sdk to point to a release? Or do I have to use the Rest API? I'm currently running everything using the client sdk.

Yes, you pass the ref of the release, which you find in the API Browser, as an option as defined here: