[React/Next.js] Trouble with peer dependencies on Slice Machine setup?

Node 15 now comes with NPM 7. This last one is now treating peer dependencies as required, throwing errors instead of warnings. This has led to some issues with Slice Machine setup that we just fixed!


You should not experience the issue anymore when running $ prismic sm --setup with NPM 7. If you downgraded to NPM 6 (Node 14) in the meantime, you can get back to 7 again! Just make sure to update next-slicezone to 0.0.13 or higher~ :relaxed:


You may also see some peer dependency issues when running npm install with @storybook/react, the solution to this is to have version 16.14.0 of react & react dom installed in your project.

"react": "16.14.0",
"react-dom": "16.14.0"

This is an open issue on Storybook and they are working on it.