Read Timeout issue in put node


I am trying to perform creation of multiple files in different languages using the prismic api. For some files the creation is successful but for some of the files i am facing the INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR. Are there any specific reasons on why we get the INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR. Some of the times, the error thrown is "Read Timeout'

Hi @rpalresha Can you please send a description of the steps you are taking, when the error has occurred and the request that is resulting in this error to me privately. If possible, send me another example of a successful request if one language version of the same document has been successful and another language version has failed. We require more details in order to investigate further.


Hi @alaina.koerber

I am running a script that is creating new documents. I cannot attach the postman script here. I will share it on slack channel.

Steps to reproduce :

  • Change the uid and title in the csv file

  • Run the postman collection

  • Check the status code of each response from Prismic

Please note, the document creation is only for english locale, in translation we may have it more more than 1 locale may be 5-10 locales. We must have the capability to handle this much amount of data.