Release without description causes error in Prismic Ruby client

If you create a Release without a description, which is possible by Publishing a document and choosing "Publish at a specific date and time", the ref returned by Prismic's API will have a null label and the Prismic client will fail to parse the entire response.

We found this in version 1.7.0, but still appears to be an issue on master. This line will fail with a "NoMethodError: undefined method `downcase' for nil:NilClass" ruby-kit/api.rb at 1.7.0 · prismicio-community/ruby-kit · GitHub

This brought down our site while we diagnosed the issue as the Prismic Ruby client failed to give us a response. It seems like Prismic API should return something other than null here, modify the client to accept a null label, or not allow a release without a description.

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

I have investigated this issue, and I see the problem, and I believe the fix should be done in the Kit itself.

For that, Can you create an issue in the project tracker, with the details that you have added here and I, will try to push forward?

I don't know Ruby, but basically, I think the fix would be something like this ref['label'].nil ? nil : ref['label']. downcase

Please let me know if you need any further help,

I have created an issue on the Kit

Please feel free to add any extra details if necessary.

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