Release without a label breaks the ruby-kit

Around 5:30am PT July 7th 20201 we had an app using a Prismic repository spike in errors for several hours with several different exceptions. Over the course of the day as we investigated, the app experience a loss of rendering content from Prismic as the application cache expired.

The error that eventually led us to the root cause was NoMethodError: undefined method 'downcase' for nil:NilClass. Early on we were able to attribute it to this line in the prismicio-community/ruby-kit.

It turns out that there was a release created on this repo with no label, and it's not clear how. In the UI a release can't be created without a label, and a label can't be deleted or made an empty string when editing an existing.

Has anyone else seen this? The errors started before working hours at our company and it seems unlikely anyone could have created this case in the writing room. Is there any other way besides the writing room to create a release without a label? That line in the ruby-kit is 7 years old, so I imagine this case is rare and likely shouldn't be possible due to writing room validation?

Hey @gprice, welcome to the Community, and thanks for letting us know about your use case.

We do give support and maintenance to that kit to this day, so if you'd like to open an issue on Github about this it'll be really helpful as well.

As for the release, you're right that this is the first time we're seeing this issue. Did you deleted or modified the release? Could you send me the URL of your repo so I can check on my end if any errors where logged?

Hello! Thanks so much for your reply.

Yes, once I figured out it was a release I used the release id to navigate to the url, then deleted the release. I'll DM our repository details.

Here's the ref (with ids removed):

      "id": "REMOVED",
      "ref": "REMOVED",
      "label": null, // label value is null, which caused the issue
      "isMasterRef": false

And here is a screenshot of the planned tab where there is an empty release with no label.

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Hey @gprice. Thanks a lot for all the additional information. I'll share this with the team and let you know what we find as soon as we can.


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We had the issue again today and I can replicate it.

When publishing a document to a date/time, a release is created with no label.

(publishing document to release)

(planned releases, release with no label)

(Release label says no description but has no value)

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Hi @gprice ,

Thanks for this additional info, and sorry for the delayed response. Paulina is out this week unexpectedly. I've shared this new information with the dev team. As soon as they take this from their backlog, we'll let you know what they find out.


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