Remove target="_blank" from links pasted into Prismic?

We deliberately don't enable target="_blank" for hyperlinks within Prismic. But if a content editor copy/pastes a pre-built link with the target attribute filled in (from e.g. a Word doc), this will make its way through to the JSON response.

This obviously isn't too big of a deal because when we notice it, we know to re-add that link manually. But it can go unnoticed and would be nicer if the attribute never made it through in the first place.

Hi @davidpmccormick,

I have reached out to our production team regarding this to check if this is an expected behavior or if it should be a feature request.


I have got some feedback from our production team, and they confirm that this is not expected behavior, so I will create a feature request to have it changed once the production team picks it from their queue.