GraphQL API - unable to query link target

We’re using Prismic with Next.js over at Selz, along with the GraphQL API - I’ve just noticed we cannot query the target field of a link?

Hello Michael!

For the moment the checkbox in Prismic which allows Link fields to have a target: “_blank” is not yet available in the GraphQL schema. You’ll need to configure this in the front-end code of your project when rendering.

I understand it’s not available, and have deployed a workaround - but when should I expect this to be resolved? Thanks.

Yes, a fix for this will be releases in the next round of changes. Though we don’t have a eta for when that will be for the moment.


it’s ultra critical to have that
we start integrating prismic via graphQL

and once it’s too late to revert we discover that this basic attribute is missing!!

please add it fast

Hi Sebastien,

We have created a fix to expose ‘target blank’ on the GraphQL API, we are in the process of reviewing/testing it and once this process is done we will merge it. Although I have no ETA of when this will be.

When the team has any updates on this they will inform you here.


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This has been fixed and pushed everywhere some time ago. Closing.