Render for new slice type

Help me the code and sample for nodejs to render slice with new types such as “Banner with caption”, “Team” and “List of the articles”

Hi Son,

Welcome to the community!

Our Example projects might help you:

You’ll find a list of articles being rendered on the home page of the blog:

and you’ll find an example of how to create a banner in the multi-page example.

Let me know if you need more help.


It’s without new slice types

You can find the custom types on the github for the projects:

You can create these Slices pretty easily with the Slice Builder. What you’ll need for the…

Banner Slice:

  • Image field (in the non-repeatable zone)
  • Rich text field (in the non-repeatable zone)

Team Slice

  • Title (in the non-repeatable zone)
  • Image field (in the repeatable zone)
  • Rich text field (in the repeatable zone)

List of the articles (You can also do a query for this in your project instead)

  • Title (in the non-repeatable zone)
  • Rich text field (for the link label in the repeatable zone)
  • Content Relationship field (in the repeatable zone)

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